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Business credit scores are used to:

Determine your business borrowing power

Determine your rates on business insurance

Determine terms you can secure with vendors

Your business credit report and score can determine how much financing you are able to secure.

Some insurance providers evaluate a business owner’s credit as well as the business’s credit to determine rates on commercial insurance.

Vendors and suppliers sometimes look at a business’s credit scores to decide how long of a grace period to give the business before demanding payment for goods and services.

Factors that can impact business credit scores:

  • Credit utilization ratio
  • Payment history
  • Length of credit history
  • Outstanding debts

  • Public records, such as bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Company size
  • Industry risk
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How Nav helps build, leverage & protect business credit

Free scores & reports

Nav is the only place you can see your personal and business credit profiles side by side. Check your reports to discover where your credit needs work and what to do next (and yes, it’s absolutely free).

Credit building tools

Nav makes it easy to learn how to build your business credit profile, leading to better access to capital and lowering your costs. Other sites and “programs” charge hundreds of dollars for the same information.

Personalized financing matches

Nav filters through over 100 of the top business loan and credit card options to recommend the ones you’re most qualified for.

Credit monitoring

Our 24/7 monitoring gives you real-time alerts to changes in your reports so you can protect your business profile.

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“Nav has been wonderful in helping me understand the nuances of business credit and financing, especially how fluctuations can occur with scores, even when you are doing everything the way you are supposed to be doing it.”

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